Analyse dynamique de la reduction vocalique en contexte CV a partir des pentes formantiques en arabe dialectal et en francais
Jalaleddin Al-Tamimi.

Linear regression parameters (formant slopes and intercepts) were proposed to measure the degree of vowel reduction in 3 vowel systems: Moroccan Arabic, Jordanian Arabic and French. 10 speakers per language produced a list of vowels in C1VC, C1VCV or C1VCVC words, where C1 was /b/, /d/ or /k/. Our results show that the values of formant slope and intercept are dependent on: 1) the place of articulation of adjacent consonant, 2) the vowel quality, and 3) the language's vowel system density. Discriminant analysis results show the possibility of language separation on the basis of duration, F1 and F2 slope and intercept values.