Peut-on utiliser les étiqueteurs morphosyntaxiques pour améliorer la transcription automatique ?
Stéphane Huet, Guillaume Gravier, Pascale Sébillot.

The aim of the paper is to study the interest of part-of-speech (POS) tagging to improve speech recognition. We first evaluate the part of misrecognized words that can be corrected using POS information; an analysis of a short extract proves that a decrease of the word error rate by 1.1 point can be expected. We also demonstrate quantitatively that traditional POS taggers are reliable when applied to spoken corpus, including automatic transcriptions. This new result enables us to effectively use POS tag knowledge to improve, in a postprocessing stage, the quality of transcriptions, especially correcting agreement errors; these first preliminary results however still have to be bettered to lower the overall word error rate.