Changements intonatifs dans la parole Lombard : au-delà de l’étendue de F0
Pauline Welby.

Earlier studies of speech in noise (Lombard speech) have generally reported an increase in fundamental frequency (F0). This study examined other potential intonational differences. Seven French speakers read a corpus of short paragraphs, in quiet and in 80 dB white noise. Four speakers increased F0 range across target accentual phrases in noise. Six upscaled individual tones, although there was great inter-speaker variability. Noise did not influence intonation pattern type; in particular, there was no tendency to produce more “early rises” in noise, even though these rises are cues to word segmentation. Producing an early rise (thus a LHLH or LHH pattern) may not add to the salience of the commonly produced LH pattern. There were no differences in tonal alignment, in contrast to earlier findings. This null result may be due to paradigm differences between the two experiments.