Analyses formantiques automatiques en français : périphéralité des voyelles orales en fonction de la position prosodique.
Cedric Gendrot, Martine Adda-Decker.

The aim of the present study is to investigate peripherality of French vowels in two prosodic positions: (i) word-final syllables (as compared to word-initial syllables), and (ii) in the vicinity (before and after) of pauses. The LIMSI speech alignment system is used and formant values of oral vowels are automatically measured in a total of 25000 segments from two hours of journalistic broadcast speech in French. A tendency to reduction for all vowels (in terms of the shrinking of the vocalic triangle formed by F1 and F2 values) of short duration was clearly observed in a former study (Gendrot & Adda-Decker [6]). We also attempt to check here whether the same relationship holds for vowels in both word-final and word-initial syllables.