Effets aérodynamiques du mouvement du velum : le cas des voyelles nasales du français
Amelot Angélique, Michaud Alexis.

Hitherto unpublished data on oral airflow, nasal airflow and velum movement during logatoms read by two French speakers allow for the investigation of the relationships between these three phenomena. There is no straightforward relationship between velar movements and nasal airflow, the latter depending on the relative impedance of both tracts, reflected in the ratio of nasal airflow to oral airflow. The structure of the 168 logatoms is C1V1C1VtC1V1, where C1 = /t/, /d/, /l/, /n/, /s/ or /z/, V1 = /a/, /i/, /u/ or /y/, and Vt = /E~/, /A~/, /O~/, /a/, i/, /u/ or /y/, allowing for a characterisation of the effect of these consonantal and vocalic contexts on airflow and velum movement. In particular, a hypothesis is put forward concerning the frequent dip below zero of nasal airflow after stop consonants, and its effect on oral airflow.