Produit multiéchelle pour la détection des instants d’ouverture et de fermeture de la glotte sur le signal de parole
Aïcha Bouzid, Noureddine Ellouze.

This paper deals with robust singularity detection in speech signal using multiscale product method. These singularities correspond to opening and closure instants of the glottis (GOIs and GCIs). Multiscale product method consists of computing the products of wavelet transform coefficients of the speech signal at appropriate adjacent scales. As wavelet modulus maxima are a tool for signal edge detection, first derivative of a Gaussian function, is used for detecting speech signal discontinuities. Speech Multiscale products enhance edge detection. The proposed method is evaluated comparing to the EGG signal references using the Keele University database. This method gives excellent results concerning GOI and GCI detection from speech signal.