Une analyse prosodique de la parole souriante : étude préliminaire
Caroline Émond.

Smile is a visible expression and it has been shown that it’s audible too (Tartter 1980, Schröder & al. 1998, Aubergé & Cathiard 2003). The aim of this study is to describe the prosodic correlates of smiled speech produced by 6 speakers of Quebec French. In order to elicitate smile, subjects were required to read sentences containing caricatures. This condition was compared to a neutral condition, in which no caricatures were present. Utterances were digitized and analysed with Praat and F0 measurements were extracted. Results show that F0 register tends to be lower in normal speech than in smiled speech. Because the global shapes of F0 movements are similar in the two kinds of speech, we claim that this difference is phonetic rather than phonologic.