La courbe de F0 des sonantes initiales de syllabe joue-t-elle un rôle prosodique ? Etude-pilote de données d’anglais britannique
Alexis Michaud, Barbara Kühnert.

Several recent publications raise the issue whether the F0 curve of syllable-initial sonorants can play a prosodic role. The experimental evidence adduced in the present pilot study consists of 15 C1VC2 words, where C1 = /p/, /b/ or /m/, V = /ɑ:/, /i:/, /u:/, and C2 = /t/; these words were said twice inside a carrier sentence by 4 speakers of British English. Comparison of the F0 curves of the /m/-initial syllables with those of the obstruent-initial syllables suggests that only the part of the F0 curve which corresponds to the syllable rhyme is to be taken into account at the stage of the interpretation of the word’s F0 curve.