Identification automatique des langues : combinaison d’approches phonotactiques à base de treillis de phones et de syllabes
Dong Zhu, Martine Adda-Decker.

This paper investigates the use of phone and syllable lattices to automatic language identification (LID) based on multilingual phone sets (73, 50 and 35 phones). We focus on efficient combinations of both phonotactic approach and syllabotactic approaches. The LID structure used to achieve the best performance within this framework is similar to PPRLM (parallel phone recognition followed by language dependent modeling): several acoustic recognizers based on either multilingual phone or syllabe inventories, followed by languagespecific n-gram language models. A seven language broadcast news corpus is used for the development and the test of the LID systems. Our experiments show that the use of the lattice information significantly improves results over all system configurations and all test durations. Multiple system combinations further achieves improvements.