Le focus prosodique n’est pas que déictique : le modèle VID (Valence-Intensité-Domaine)
Véronique Aubergé, Albert Rilliard.

This paper summarizes several perception experiments showing that the morphology of the prosodic focus conveys more information than the only deictic information: (1) the binary valence - yes/no focus – which is perceptively quite categorical (a magnet effect is clear on the basis of an identification and a discrimination experiment [1]), (2) the intensity information, used by the speaker to give his preference for one of two focused elements, (3) the information of the focus domain, that are some segmentation cues about the focused element (phonological unit or word unit), which are perceptively identified by listeners. The morphological cues revealing Valence-Intensity- Domain are observed in particular in morphing procedure making clear the thresholds of quitecategorical behaviors.