Quelles sont les origines de la variabilité inter-individuelle lors de la restauration cognitive de la parole accélérée?
Caroline Jacquier, Fanny Meunier.

We explore the relationship between auditory measures, reading capacities and the ability to reconstruct time-compressed speech for individuals without language trouble. We focused on two short attributes of speech: Voice Onset Time (VOT) and second formant transition. Normal hearing subjects had to identify disyllabic CVCV non-words that have been time-compressed on both acoustic cues simultaneously. The time compression experience showed a large inter-individual variance and allowed us to contrast a good performer and a bad performer groups for speech perception. Complementary studies (audiometric test and reading skills evaluation) showed that there is no correlation between auditory measures and cognitive mechanisms of degraded speech reconstruction whereas there are specifics correlations between reading capacities and performances in cognitive reconstruction.