Etude de la dysprosodie Parkinsonienne: Analyses acoustiques d’un schéma de type interrogatif
karine rigaldie, Jean Luc Nespoulous, nadine Vigouroux.

This article aims to acquire a better knowledge of prosodic disturbances in Parkinson disease via an acoustic analysis. The investigation of the patients’ vocal productions by the way of acoustic analyses should indeed allow to identify phonetic and prosodic parameters that are specific of such a pathology. The Parkinsonian subjects had to repeat the interrogative pattern “Vous avez appris la nouvelle?” (in english: "You heard the news?"), three times: at the beginning, in the middle, and in the end of the protocol. This timing was determined in order to evaluate the effects of tiredness and the influence of other stimuli during the protocol. In order to determine the effect of dopamine, oral productions of twelve parkinsonian patients have been collected, in the OFF and ON states, and have then been compared to those of control subjects.