Etude des adductions/abductions totales et partielles des cordes vocales.
chakir zeroual, John H. Esling, Lise Crevier-Buchman.

In this study, we have shown that, in the intervocalic position, simple and geminate voiceless plosives [t tt], present a total abduction of the vocal folds (anterior+posterior parts). While their voiceless emphatic (or uvularized) counterparts [T TT] are produced with an anterior abduction only. Simple and geminate voiced plosives also show a slight anterior abduction which is longer during geminate, and shorter during [gg]. Arguments have been presented showing that the anterior abductions observed during [T TT] and voiced plosives are passive, due to the increase of the intraoral pressure. [i] falsetto shows a slight abduction of the vocal folds that we assign to the action of the intrinsic laryngeal muscles.