Etude par transillumination des consonnes occlusives simples et géminées de l'arabe marocain
Chakir Zeroual, Phil Hoole, Susanne Fuchs.

This study provides an acoustical and transillumination analysis of the laryngeal gestures responsible for VOT differences between voiceless plosives in Moroccan Arabic. The abduction and adduction phases and the interval between the maximal glottal opening and the release (MGO-REL) are longer during the geminate than during simple plosives. MGO-REL is shorter during the aspirated plosives than during unaspirated ones. Geminate plosives have a closure duration, a total duration and MGO that are larger than their simple correspondents. The closure duration is longer during unaspirated plosives than during aspirated ones. The voiceless geminate plosives have the same values of the VOT as their simple counterparts.